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Friday, 11 August 2017 14:53

Hypertension leaves man dead by roadside in LL

Written by  James Mwa

Lilongwe, August 11, 2017: Users of Lilongwe’s Chilambula road walked into a shocking sight early hours of Friday when they found a corpse lying along the road, at least 100 meters away from Amina Roundabout.

When Malawi News Agency visited the scene, it established that the man had apparently died on his way to Kamuzu Central Hospital, his strength having failed to carry him to the destination.

Some eyewitnesses who often use this road say they spotted the man looking so weak and lying down about 30 meters away from the main gate of Lingadzi Inn.

“I saw the same man yesterday in the afternoon lying along the road and looking hungry, and I mistook him for a drunkard so I just ignored him and passed by,” one eyewitness who rides a tricycle taxi.

“I saw him too yesterday, he was looking more of sick person than drunk to me and I presumed he was going to hospital,” another eyewitness said.

Police in Lilongwe say the man has been only identified as Vincent, a fish monger who conducts his business in Lilongwe Flea Market.

Lilongwe Police spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula said the deceased’s friend Dickson Tambalika rushed to the scene and reported the development to the police.

“It is understood that he had problems with high blood pressure,” Dandaula said.

Vincent’s remains were taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital where a postmortem revealed the death was due to natural causes following hypertension.



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