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Saturday, 15 July 2017 19:14

VMMC paramount in fighting HIV and AIDS, says Nsanje Japiego

Written by  Martin Chiwanda

Nsanje, July 15: Authorities in the country say Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

(VMMC) is paramount if the country is to make strides in fighting against HIV/AIDS.

Nsanje’s Japiego Corporations Demand Communication Officer Peter Kamanga made the point
during an interview on the sidelines of District Executive Committee briefing on the VMMC one
year project funded by National Aids Commission (NAC) which started in January.

Kamanga said reaching sexually active group with the VMMC is paramount if the country is to
make strides in fighting against HIV/AIDS hence the project is aiming at benefiting over 4,000
young men age between 15 and 49 in Nsanje district.

He further said youths are being targeted since HIV and AIDS is active among them as they are
sexually active hence being prone to the pandemic.

“Youths are prone to the pandemic as they are sexually active. Therefore, people must take the
circumcision as one of the preventive measures in as far as HIV and AIDS is concerned,” he

Kamanga revealed that through the meeting they are conducting is assisting the communities to
understand the importance of the circumcision and parry away the people’s myths on the

“There is that hope of achieving our targets. People have had their myths as regards to
circumcision. They have been associating the circumcision with low performance in bed. But
intensive engagement with the people, project is making positive progress as the audience is
supporting it,” concluded Kamanga.


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