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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 06:09

Malawi Govt on awareness campaign to overcome depression

Written by  Isabella Jere
Kumpalume speaks during the press briefing at Capital Hill in Lilongwe on Friday - Pic by Stanley Makuti Kumpalume speaks during the press briefing at Capital Hill in Lilongwe on Friday - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Lilongwe, April 11, 2017: Government has urged Malawians to strive in ensuring that cases of depression in the country are reduced.

Speaking at the press conference in commemoration of 2017 World Health Day on the theme “Depression: let’s talk”, at Capital Hill in Lilongwe, the Minister of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume encourages people to raise awareness on the dangers of depression.

He said Government is putting in place awareness campaigns to prevent depression in the country since it is a major disorder affecting most people in Malawi.

 “Government has put in place awareness campaigns across the country but we need people at community who can champion this particular cause in the country,” Kumpalume said.

He said that as a country the topic of depression is important to be discussed because without talking about it there is no cure and of about 30% of outpatients department in Malawi undergo mental illnesses which are related to depression and if left untreated it may have a devastating effect on an individual.

Director of Mental Health Service at Zomba Mental hospital, Immaculate Chamangwana  highlighted that in hospitals they do receive people suffering from various health conditions and one of it is mental disorder whereby within that is depression.

‘We have people coming at the hospital because of depression and we need to this issue serious to help others,” she said.

Chamangwana  added that after screening depressed patients they are treated with a drug called ‘Psychotropic drug’ and that one can know that he or she is depressed when he feels loss of appetite, failing to sleep, lack of concentration, and urges Malawians to visit the hospital as soon as the signs appear.


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