27 April 2018
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Saturday, 21 February 2015 15:27

'Ministry of Health requires K478 billion per year to improve service delivery'

Written by  George Bulombola

Dr Kalirani officially cuts a ribbon to officially open the maternity home - Pic by George Bulombola

Ntcheu, February 21: Ministry of health says it requires about K478 billion a year to rehabilitate, expand health facilities and improve service delivery.

The Minister of Health Dr. Jean Kalilani disclosed this Friday at Ntcheu District Hospital during the opening ceremony of a maternity waiting home at the hospital.

Dr. Kalilani said the shortage of wards is a general problem in all hospitals and attributed the challenge to high population saying the country’s population does not much with resources which are allocated to the ministry.

She said research has revealed that the Ministry of Health requires about K478 billion a year for the ministry to function normally.

“As far as the population growth rate continues to be high, such resources will never be enough to address the situation in the health sector,” said Dr. Kalilani.

She said besides high population growth, her ministry gets half of the required K478 billion, hence continued challenges in the sector.

Dr Kalilani then applied the situation to all ministries such as education, where resources are never enough.

“We need to also enhance family planning programme if the government is to deliver its services accordingly,” she said.

On shortage of wards in hospitals, the minister said some of the people who get admitted to health facilities suffer from preventable diseases and as an intervention to such a challenge, her ministry will also promote disease infection prevention programme.

She said disease infection and prevention interventions can contribute to the reduction of congestion of patients in hospitals.

Commenting on the newly opened maternity waiting home at the hospital, Dr. Kalilani said the facility is a catalyst to safe motherhood promotion.

“Expectant women are expected to be waiting for delivery at this facility, therefore we anticipate that most expectant women will have access to professional delivery services at this hospital,” said Kalilani.

The 36 bed capacity maternity waiting home was constructed with funding from Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) to the tune of K35 million. Escom also purchased the 36 beds worth K6 million.


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