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Friday, 11 January 2019 06:02

MoH rescues girls from cervical cancer

Written by  Louis Kumchima
MoH rescues girls from cervical cancer Pic sourced from internet

Balaka, January 11, Mana: Ministry of Health and Population through Balaka District Hospital has rolled out a cervical cancer vaccine campaign with an aim of protecting girls from the disease.

The Campaign which is targeting girls aged between nine and 14 is expected to be rolled out this month.

Briefing Balaka District Executive Committee (DEC) on Wednesday, Human Papillona Virus (HPV) Vaccine Coordinator, Andrew Nkhoma said the vaccine to be administered in liquid form is very effective and that it has no side effects.

“HPV vaccine also known as Gardasil has proven to be a saviour among girls from cervical cancer as one dose of 0.5 ml has potential to suppress multiplication of abnormal cells which cause the disease,” he said.

Nkhoma appealed to DEC members in the district to help the sector with sensitization of the vaccine to communities, saying some misconceptions among communities may hinder the campaign to reach out to large numbers of people.

Director of Administration for Balaka District Council, John Baluti asked the health sector to consider translating the key messages in a language that could be easily understood by the masses.

He said considering the targeted age, it would be appropriate if some technical words were translated in the local language.

According to the presentation, about 530, 000 people globally are diagnosed with cervical cancer with 230, 000 deaths everyday representing 85 per cent in developing countries.