22 March 2019
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Wednesday, 05 December 2018 05:35

Nkhata-Bay District Hospital to introduce paying service

Written by  Luzily Chiponde
The newly opened Nkhatabay District Hospital The newly opened Nkhatabay District Hospital File photo

Nkhata Bay, December 05, 2018: Nkhata-Bay District Hospital has unveiled plans to introduce paying service, along the free ones, in order to generate additional funds for running the hospital.

Speaking during District Executive Committee meeting, District Health Officer,
Mwatikonda Mbendera said the hospital has been facing problems in terms of sourcing materials due to dependence on government subvention.

“Paying service will enable us to be the best hospital. The funds that will be obtained will enable us to provide the best medical support to meet the clients’ satisfaction as well as manage other financial-related problems without entirely waiting for the government,” said Mbendera.

Chairperson for Paying Service Committee, Peter Mulowa, said free service will continue and that there will be no segregation in medical assistance provided. 

He said paying service is mainly targeting those who can afford and those that are on medical cover so that their money is utilized.

“We acknowledge that a larger population in Nkhata Bay cannot afford paying for health services and we had that into consideration.

The staff has been trained to treat both private and free patients alike,” said Mulowe.

New Nkhata Bay District Hospital was designed with a private ward and the paying service will be in operation from January, 2019.


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