22 March 2019
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Wednesday, 05 December 2018 05:28

Chikwawa communities making strides in fighting maternal deaths

Written by  Steve Chirombo
Khomeliwa (right) awarding one villager Khomeliwa (right) awarding one villager pic by Steve Chirombo

Chikwawa, December 05, 2018: The Evangelical Lutheran Development Service (ELDS) has hailed Therere Village in the area of Senior Chief Ngabu for championing the fight against maternal and child deaths.

The organization has since awarded the village as a champion in the struggle against maternal and child mortality which the area has been grappling with.

Speaking during the weekend at an award-presentation ceremony, ELDS Health Programmes Officer, Vera Khomeliwa said the organization felt duty-bound to recognize Therere Village for making a difference in their own lives.

“Women from hard-to-reach areas such as Therere are now delivering at Chipwaila Health Centre unlike in the past when they were delivering at home, a situation which cost their lives due to child birth complications.

“Men are also taking part in encouraging their wives to seek both antenatal and postnatal services at the facility, thanks to the intervention of traditional leaders, the district health office and ELDS,” said Khomeliwa.

Khomeliwa, therefore, observed that in the past, the area performed poorly on matters of reproductive and health rights.
ELDS Project Officer for Chikwawa, Sautso Wande said the area had many maternal cases before the project rolled out in the district.

“We are proud that home and on-the-way deliveries are things of the past as every woman now would want to deliver at a health facility. As an organization, we’ll continue helping the community to improve on the quality of life,” said Wande.

Senior Chief Ngabu commended ELDS for changing communities’ lives in his area, warning that he would take drastic measures against those who would breach by-laws that discourage home deliveries.

During the ceremony, Therere and other villages were awarded with kitchen utensils in appreciation of efforts in combating both maternal and child mortality.


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