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Mzuzu City, Mzimba North DHO set to prevent cholera outbreak

Written by  Kate Kumwenda

Mzuzu, November 7, 2018: Mzuzu City CouncilandMzimba North District Health Office (DHO) say they are prepared to prevent Cholera outbreak as rainy season approaches.

Speaking in separate interviews with Malawi News Agency, the two offices say have already put in place precautionary measures to prevent incidents of cholera and other hygiene and sanitation-related diseases.  

Public Relations Officer for Mzimba North District Health Office, Lovemore Kawayi, said his office has already started creating community awareness on the importance of following hygiene practices through health talks at health facilities within Mzimba North and Mzuzu City.

 “We will soon embark on mass sensitization so that we prevent cholera outbreak as this disease (Cholera) is preventable through good sanitation and hygiene practices,” said Kawayi.

He added that his office will also distribute chlorine among communities, saying unsafe water is one of the catalysts for cholera outbreak and other diarrhoea diseases.

“We have vibrant rapid response team that is going to be deployed in case of emergency if at all we have to be hit by the disease,” he said.

Kawayi’s counterpart Acting Director of Health and Social Services of Mzuzu City Council (MCC), Augustin Gama, said his office main focus was on vendors who sell already cooked and cold foods and that the city would engage the vendors on the matter.

He said the city council has already started holding consultation meetings with various stakeholders to strategize on how to prevent any sanitation and hygiene-related outbreak.

 However, Gama was quick to say that cholera prevention is the responsibility of everyone, not just a few service provider institutions.

No cholera outbreak has been registered in Mzuzu City for over five years.


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