21 September 2018
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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 13:55

MPCC is making strides in curbing wildlife crimes

Written by  Tione Andsen

Lilongwe, March 13: Malawi Parliamentary Caucus on Conservatives (MPCC) has said it has made strides in curbing wildlife crimes and arresting acts of deforestation in the country.

MPCC Spokesperson, Commodious Nyirenda said this Monday at the British High Commissioner residence in Lilongwe when the group had an audience with the Duke of Gloucester who is on a four day visit to Malawi.

He said for the past two years the Caucus lobbied for the enactment of strife penalties against wildlife crimes.

“We lobbied to change the wildlife act which proved to be very weak to enforce its implementation.  We pushed for change in the legislation and this was successfully done in parliament last year where a new act was approved,” Nyirenda pointed out.

He observed that the old act had no custodial sentence but the Caucus has managed to lobby for th3e inclusion custodial sentence ranging from 18 to 30 years in the new act which is in force.

MPCC Spokesperson noted that the Caucus wants to ensure that the forestry act is also amended in order to be in line with the current situation to curb the rate of deforestation in the country.

“The Forestry Act contains some week legislations which need to be revised so that its implementation should bear fruits. As long as the country continues to have weak Forestry legislation it will be difficult to address the issue of deforestation.” Nyirenda observed.

He said members of MPCC are being used a tool in spearheading issue of conserving wildlife and natural resources.

MPCC Spokesperson pointed out that their group has a membership of 58 MPs and aims at mitigating some of the challenges the country is facing in term of wildlife crime and general conservation.

He said they had an audience with the visiting Duke of Gloucester who came to appreciate what Malawi is doing in issue of handling wildlife crimes.

Nyirenda said Duke of Gloucester through the British government has been supportive to Malawi’s efforts in its drive to curb wildlife crimes and conserving natural resources by providing technical and financial support.

“The Duke of Gloucester will be provided an opportunity to see what has been done and appreciate the developments taking places in the country. We want to demonstrate to him that Malawi is able to do something regarding Wildlife crimes and conservation,” he added.

MPCC joined a growing international network of conservation caucuses when it was launched in 2015 by President, Peter Mutharika who is the patron of the organization and the Speaker of Parliament is the coordinator.


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