27 April 2018
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 15:52

Angry villagers stone murder suspect to death in Mulanje

Written by  Blackson Mkupatira

Mulanje, January 11, 2017: Sorrow has engulfed people of Chakuma Village in the area of Senior Chief Chikumbu in Mulanje following the death of two men on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. 

The two are Masha Mulero, 36, and Farook Namapalo, 29, both from Chakuma Village in the area of Senior Chief Chikumbu.

According to Mulanje Police Public Relations Officer, Gresham Ngwira, some villagers told Mulero that a certain man called Jonasi Naminga was in a secret relationship with his wife.

Following this, on Wednesday Mulero, a well-known criminal, found Naminga taking beer at his wife's house.

It was at this point that Mulero confronted Naminga and in the process stabbed him on his back.
As this was happening, Farook Namapalo was around and when he tried to rescue his colleague, Mulero stabbed him on the chest with a knife and ran away. Namapalo was taken to M'biza Health Centre where he was pronounced dead.

This angered relatives and other villagers who hunted for Mulero and stoned him to death.

Following a report, police visited the scene of the incident where the issue was confirmed.

Naminga was taken to Mulanje District Hospital for treatment. He is aged 35 years old and comes from Chipwaila Village also from Senior Chief Chikumbu.

Meanwhile Mulanje police have condemned the incident and are advising the general public to avoid carrying offensive weapons such as knives to curb not only murder cases, but also others like assaults.


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