27 April 2018
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 15:33

CPFs bemoans lack of secrecy among police officers

Written by  Louis Kumchima

BALAKA, January 11,  2018: Members of Community Policing Forums (CPF) in Balaka have expressed concern over the conduct by some Police officers who reveal identities of people who give them tips about people committing crimes.

The members raised the concern Wednesday during a community policing interface meeting organized by Balaka Police Station with an aim of maintaining good working relationships with CPF.

Chairman for Mululu CPF, Andison Kangauzu said the officers’ conduct was putting their lives at risk.

“Police rely on us for information leading to arrest of suspects; but it is worrisome to see that some police officers reveal names of people who give them tips to the suspects,” he said.

Kangauzu emphasized on the need for the police to always make sure that they work professionally to avoid compromising policing ethics.

Commenting on the development, Senior Superintendent for Balaka Police, Nicholas Gondwa assured the CPF members of ironing out the problems.

“We will have an in-house meeting to look into the matter-otherwise community members will not be willing to give us tip offs, a situation that would frustrate efforts to curb crime in the district,” he said.

On curbing crime, Gondwa said police officers would now be arriving at crime scene quickly following a donation of two vehicles by China Aid.

Balaka police station has 14 Community Policing Forums (CPFs) that were instituted to help the police reduce crimes in the district.


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