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Sunday, 31 December 2017 12:12

Six-year-old boy electrocuted in Chikwawa

Written by  Steve Chirombo

Chikwawa, December 31, 2017: Sorrow engulfed communities around Nchalo Trading Centre in Chikwawa on Wednesday when a six-year-old boy was electrocuted to death after touching a live electricity wire.

Police identified the boy as Yesay Frank from Bereu Village in Traditional Authority Maseya in the district.
Reports indicate that the boy was electrocuted while playing in one of the barber shops at Nchalo Trading Centre.

Chikwawa Police Station Public Relations Officer Constable Foster Benjamin said the little boy is said to have touched the live wire that was lying loose in the barber shop.

“He was pronounced dead on arrival at St Montfort Mission Hospital in the area,” said Benjamin

He added that ESCOM officers reportedly visited the scene and discovered that the shop had an illegal connection to electricity.

“As police, we are waring the business community in the district against illegal power connections,” Benjamin said.

The police further urged parents and guardians to avoid leaving their children unattended.


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