20 October 2018
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Friday, 29 December 2017 09:17

Father in for murdering daughter

Written by  Martin Chiwanda


Nsanje, December 27, 2017: Nsanje police have arrested a 30 year old man for killing his three year old daughter on Monday evening.

Nsanje Police Public relations officer, Sergeant Agnes Zalakoma identified the man as Chikumbutso Galu, and the deceased as Galasa Lekando both from Galu Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chimombo in the district.

Zalakoma said Galu had a quarrel with her wife Paula Devani 27, after she failed to account on how the money which she was given was spent.

“After the quarrel, the husband picked a panga knife and wanted to hit the wife with it. Unfortunately, the knife landed on the head of the daughter who sustained a big cut and later died,” explained Zalakoma.

She further said the postmortem has been conducted and it has revealed that the cause of death is severe bleeding.

“We visited the scene and arrested the suspect who will be taken to court soon to answer murder charges,” said Sergeant Zalakoma.


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