13 December 2017
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Thursday, 07 December 2017 15:11

Immigration Dept geared to flush out illegal immigrants during festive season

Written by  Memory Kutengule

Blantyre, December 7, 2017: The Immigration Department says it is geared to flush out all illegal immigrants during this year’s festive season in its quest to promote security of the country and safeguard employment for Malawians.

In an interview with the Malawi News Agency on Thursday, the Immigration’ Deputy Spokesperson Wellington Chiponde said usually many irregular immigrants are overwhelmed with the season and enter or stay in Malawi illegally.

He said the immigration officials are working tirelessly to monitor, apprehend, prosecute and repatriate foreign nationals who may wish to enter or stay without proper documentations.

“We will continue playing our rightful role of managing people entering and exiting the territories of our country in order to uphold the security of the state.

“We have always monitored and we will do all what it takes to flush out all irregular immigrants during the festive season. Let me highlight that Malawi will not be a safe haven for all foreign nationals who may wish to enter or stay illegally,” he explained.

Chiponde said although security measures may not necessarily be made available publicly, immigration officers are monitoring the situation through eagle’s eye to ensure that the country’s security is not compromised.

 “As a security entity, we are always on alert to respond to all issues that poses security threats  with respect to issues of migration, whether during or after the festive season,” said Chiponde.

The deputy publicist therefore appealed to Malawians


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