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Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:57

One month old baby goes missing in Mbayani Township

Written by  Charles Mphwere

Blantyre, December 7, 2017: Police in Blantyre are searching for a one month old baby who was stolen in Mbayani Township in Blantyre on Wednesday after her mother left it in the custody of a six year old sister.

Blantyre Police Public Relations Officer, Augustus Nkhwazi, said the mother of the missing baby, Bless Kalulu who is a resident of the township, left the baby in the hands of her sister at around 9 o’clock in the morning before going to the nearby stream to wash clothes. 

“When the mother came back after some few minutes, she did not find the baby and she was told that some unknown woman came and offered to assist the girl in taking care of the baby.

“But when she was given the baby, the strange woman immediately went away with it to unknown location,” said the PRO.

“Inquiries were carried out in an effort to trace the whereabouts of the baby but to no avail. The matter was reported to Kabula Police Unit where it was later referred to Blantyre Police,” added Nkhwazi.

Meanwhile, the police have launched a man-hunt for the suspect in an effort to trace the stolen baby.

 “We are therefore appealing to the general public to inform any nearest police if they suspect any woman with a month old baby who had not been pregnant for the past few months,” appealed the police officer.

The law enforcers have also reiterated the need for parents not to leave babies in the custody of fellow children to avoid occurrence of such incidents. 
The incident comes barely a month after police in the city appealed to the general public to assist in the search for a three-month baby boy who also went missing in Chirimba in March this year (2017) in mysterious circumstances.




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