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BT NICE office in mob justice awareness campaign

Written by  Solister Mogha
Mkandawire engages an audience in the question time at Lirangwe.. Mkandawire engages an audience in the question time at Lirangwe.. .pic by Solister Mogha.


Blantyre, December 7, 2017: National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) in Blantyre has embarked on a week-long mob justice awareness campaign that aims at educating people on the ills of taking law into their hands.

The campaign which started last week Saturday, targets seven traditional authorities (TAs) in Blantyre namely: Lundu, Chigalu, Kuntaja, Machinjiri, Makata, Kapeni and Kunthembwe.

Assistant District NICE Officer, Anthony Mkandawire, for Blantyre Rural said on Tuesday in an interview at Lirangwe Market that the campaign is a response to a number of recent mob-justice incidents which took place in various districts in the country, including Blantyre.

He disclosed the campaign exercise would be conducted in markets especially during market days.

“If you remember some two months ago, Malawi was hit with blood sucking rumours that angered many people, forcing some to commit mob justice crimes. 

“Many lives were lost, property damaged and people fled their homes,” said Mkandawire.

He added, “As a result of increasing mob-justice incidents driven by blood sucking rumours, many projects were put to a halt as no one was willing to work in areas where they would be considered strangers and end up being killed. This really affected operations of the country.”

He noted that mob justice malpractices are on the rise in the country because many people are not aware of the consequences of taking law into their hands, hence the need for campaign to end the barbaric acts.

“We are telling people that by taking law into their hands, they are as well committing a crime because the laws of this land do not give powers to any person to deal with those found in conflict with the law.

“Further, we are reminding Malawians that everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the competent court of law,” he said.

During the campaign, NICE is also advising Malawians that killing someone destroys evidence, which makes it difficult for the police to pursue the cases further.

Alice Kaliche from T.A. Kunthembwe hailed NICE for the campaign which she said was an eye opener and would reduce cases of mob justice in the district and the nation as a whole.

“A lot of lives have been lost because people have been taking the law into their hands. The campaign is timely and it has to continue so that every part of the country is reached out to,” Kaliche appealed.

NICE is a trust whose mandate is to bridge information gap by educating Malawians on various issues of national importance.


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