12 December 2017
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Thursday, 30 November 2017 12:00

KU police alert as festive season approaches

Written by  Sheila Kathewera

Road accidents are common during festive season

Kasungu, November 30, 2017: With the country experiencing more road accidents,police in Kasungu are advising road users to be careful as the festive season approaches.

According to Kasungu deputy police public relations officer, Harry Namwaza, the police are advising all road users to take caution on the roads.

“Motor vehicle drivers and other road users are being advised to follow the traffic laws in order to prevent deaths that come due to road accidents during the festive season,” said Namwaza.

Namwaza added that the police would make sure that traffic laws are enforced during the period so that lives are saved from preventable accidents.

Meanwhile the police in the district say there has been a minimal reduction of road accidents this year compared to last year.

“This year, we have recorded fewer cases of road accidents than last year. In 2016, we recorded 41 accidents and this year, we have recorded 39 accidents which is just a minimal percentage,” said Namwaza.

The police however, say they  have intensified efforts to ensure that road accidents should be reduced such as intensive traffic  checks, campaigns on road safety issues to community members and school outreach programs to sensitize school going children on how to use the roads properly.




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