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Friday, 10 November 2017 11:44

Reckless driver fined K700, 000 for causing death

Written by  Kondwani Magombo

Mangochi, November 10, 2017, Mana: Mangochi First Grade Magistrate Court on Thursday ordered 39-year-old motorist, Yasa Arafat, to pay MK700, 000 as fine or to spend 36 months in prison in default for causing death by reckless driving.

Mangochi Police prosecutor, Sub-Insp. Maxwell Mwaluka told the court that, contrary to Section. 126 (4c) of the Road Traffic Act, Arafat on October 14, 2017 caused death of a pedal cyclist, Stephano Ng’omba, of Liwembe Village in Traditional Authority Chimwala in Mangochi.

According to Mwaluka, Arafat was driving a vehicle, Nissan Serena, from the direction of Mangochi Boma heading for Liwonde with four passengers on board and upon arrival at Changali; he lost control of the vehicle which swerved to the near edge of the road hitting the unsuspecting pedal cyclist in the process.

Ng’omba sustained serious injuries due to the impact and he died on the spot while the driver and passengers escaped unhurt.

“The driver did not stop immediately but was apprehended later very far away from the scene of the accident. He was charged with four counts: causing death by reckless driving, driving a motor vehicle without driving license, driving while intoxicated and failing to render assistance to the victim after the accident,” Mwaluka submitted to the court.

Arafat pleaded guilty to all counts and the prosecutor asked the court to apply stiff penalty considering that due to one’s recklessness, life of an innocent man was lost.

First Grade Magistrate Ronald M’bwana who presided over the case concurred with the state, adding that the accused person contravened traffic regulations by driving while drunk, a factor the magistrate said contributed much to the accident.

The court has since given Arafat 15 days to look for the money from which MK200, 000 will go to the bereaved family as compensation.
Meanwhile, the vehicle is in the hands of the court and it shall be forfeited to the Government of Malawi if Arafat fails to pay the fine.

Yasa Arafat hails from Mtanga Village in Traditional Authority Chimwala in Mangochi District.


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