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Thursday, 09 November 2017 15:11

Police advises against interfering with their work

Written by  Zaward Likatho

Blantyre October 9 2017: Police have advised the public against the practice of fighting with them when they are on duty. 

The advice comes following an incident that happened in Limbe Township on Wednesday where vendors reacted angrily against Malawi Police officers which resulted in one vendors being shot dead by accident.

In an interview with the Malawi News Agency on Thursday, James Kadadzela, National Police Spokesperson said the citizens should play a role in helping the police instead of fighting them.

“As Police, it is our duty to bring order and protect the people.  It is not good for the public to interfere in our line of duty,” said Kadadzela.

“What happened yesterday in Limbe was very bad. It didn’t have to end like that if the public had not interfered with the policemen who were on duty at that time.  No one would have been killed. Our job is to protect them not to fight with them. So we should work together as a community to avoid such incidences,” he added.

On Wednesday, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) officials, accompanied by police officers, were in an operation at Limbe Bus Depot checking vehicle documents but when they came across a minibus registration number NB1728, they wanted to impound it because it had no tax discs.

However, the driver of the minibus reportedly refused to hand over the keys to the tax collectors.

Then there was a commotion with some vendors trying to snatch a gun from the police officer who in turn pulled the trigger to shoot in the air.

Accidentally, the bullet landed on a man who was not part of the people causing commotion.

This triggered serious fights such that a police vehicle, registration number MP2328, was stoned and its windscreen was destroyed.

The deceased is identified as Limited Mitozo 43 years old from Dzanjuja Village in Nsanje District.


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