24 September 2017
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Monday, 17 July 2017 11:03

Eye of the Child to amend its constitution after 22 years of existence

Written by  Yamikani Yapuwa
Maxwell Matewere Maxwell Matewere

Blantyre, July 17, 2017: Eye of the Child, a child rights Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) will on Thursday next week hold its 2017 Annual General Assembly (AGA) in Lilongwe where among other things, it will amend its constitution.

In an email response to Malawi News Agency (Mana), Eye of the Child Executive Director, Maxwell Matewere, said the assembly is going to see the amendment of the organization's constitution for the first time in 22 years.

“The amendment will among other things protect automatic seats for women and the youth to the organization service that will now include Social Services apart from Advocacy, Research, Training, and Child Legal Aid,” said Matewere.

Matewere added that the Assembly will also adopt the organization's strategic plan of for 2018-2022 which will centre on ending child sexual abuse, child labour, children living on the street, child marriages, trafficking in persons and supporting children in need of specialist medical assistance through the establishment of a children medical fund.

“We believe we have done enough of advocacy after Malawi's amendment of the age of the Child. We need now to go on the ground,” he said.

The Executive Director further said that vacancies currently available on the Board and other positions will also be filled at the AGA.

“Further, the AGA will also adopt the 2016 financial statements and 2016 Annual Report,” said Matewere.

According to Matewere, all Board paid up member and representatives of interest groups have been invited to attend the AGA.


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