24 April 2019
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Friday, 07 July 2017 08:51

Government warns civil servants against mediocrity

Written by  Ed-Grant Ndoza

Chitipa, July 7: Government has warned that it will not give a blind eye to tendencies by some civil servants to frustrate its efforts to deliver key services aimed at promoting the welfare of Malawians.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Nicholas Dausi, who is also government spokesperson, sounded the warning Tuesday in Chitipa when he was briefing District Executive Committee (DEC) members on Electronic Transaction and Cyber Security Law.

He said government is aware that some of the problems facing civil service system are caused by mediocrity of some civil servants.

For example, he said, poor workmanship in some road construction projects and recent teachers’ strike over leave grant are some of the challenges which occur because someone elsewhere has underperformed or has deliberately abrogated their responsibility to sabotage the government.

The minister, however, politely advised such civil servants to voluntarily retire before they are unceremoniously shown an exit.

“If you cannot perform to the expectation of your employer, government, the best way to help yourself is to retire before you are fired,” he said.

He emphasized that DPP-led government, whose ambitious agenda is to bring meaningful development in the country, has no room for lazy civil servants who opt to slumber when they are expected to deliver.

The minister says government realizes the important role civil service plays in the enhancement of development in all parts of the country.

“Civil service is the engine that drives the wheels of government for its normal functionality,” he said.
Dausi then  told the Chitipa DEC that  the committee shoulders an enormous role of interpreting government policies and charging key responsibilities in ensuring that government development  programs designed to spur socioeconomic growth and development of the country are successfully executed.

“DEC is a very important structure at district level as it comprises various key ministerial sectors which have distinct and separate roles in providing consistent and quality services to the citizens according to government’s development blue print,” he said.

“I call upon you to embrace the three development enhancement pillars advocated by President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika, of patriotism, hard work and integrity, for you to significantly contribute towards the socioeconomic growth of the country,” Dausi added.


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