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Saturday, 20 December 2014 08:46

Irish Rule of Law International partners with Malawi NGOs

Written by  Dave Munkhondiya

Kasungu, December 19: Two Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi-Child Rights Advocacy and Paralegal Aid Centre (CRAPAC) and Paralegal Advisory Service (PASI) have partnered with the Irish Rule of Law International (IRLI).

The organizations are working in the criminal justice system in the country to promote the rule of law and improve access to justice for all. The partners work in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, the police and prison.

According to IRLI Programme Lawyer, Morgan Crowe, the partnership has committed itself to raising awareness of human rights mostly in prisons.

“Everybody has the right by the virtue of birth henceforth, we are alerting our dear friends who are in prisons that they still have a lot to enjoy though they are in here.

Despite them being in prison, they can still request for an appeal which has been a hard task to do to most of them. This clearly shows that somewhere, there right to access justice is denied,” he said.

Some of the activities being carried out by the partnership are; training magistrates and police in promoting criminal justice systems and also hold debates with duty bearers on issues of human rights.

Speaking during commemoration of international human rights day at Kasungu Matchaya Prison today, CRAPAC Executive Director Alfred Munika applauded the working relationship that seeks to address some of the factors hindering smooth flow of justice to all.

“People assume that once someone is imprisoned, is stripped of his human right which is not the case. Let all people enjoy their human rights and also take in charge of the responsibilities that later follow” explained Munika.

The International Human Rights Day was commemorated under the theme: “human rights, responsibilities and accountability: holding duty bearers answerable”

During the commemoration, the partners donated food, soap and sporting utensils which included footballs and jerseys to the prison.

Kasungu prison inmate representative Samuel Malepera thanked the partners for donating some of the items they need always in their daily lives whilst they are at the prison.

“We are crying all day long due to congestion in cells due to the continued strike by the judiciary and the courts, let them open as their conduct is infringing on other people’s rights,” he said.

Apart from Matchaya Prison in Kasungu, Dedza prison, Maula in Lilongwe and Kachere are the prisons the partnership conducted the commemorations.


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