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Monday, 15 September 2014 15:02

'Every three seconds a girl is getting married'

Written by  Davie Munkhondya

Kasungu, September 15. Plan International Malawi has bemoaned the alarming rate at which girls are getting married, saying if not controlled, their future is doomed.

According to the organization which also advocates for the rights of children, statistics indicate that each passing 3 seconds, a certain girl is involved in an early marriage making her prone to pregnancy related complications.

Plan says close to 10 million girls are failing to complete their primary school education.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency over the weekend during the dubbed Kasungu ‘Because I Am A Girl (BIAAG)’ Talent Show at Kasungu Inn that was spiced up by performances from the budding artists in the country that included NesNes, Gwamba, King Chambiecco, Lulu and Mfumu Kaliwo, Programs Manager for Kasungu Plan Malawi Office, Herbert Chidaya called the youths to stand up for their rights despite gender differences.

“A girl child has been victimized for so long just because she is a girl and every pile of injustice has been put on her. This is the reason why Plan Malawi through this campaign of BIAAG introduced such talent shows so that it remains a platform where we can easily communicate.

“We are spreading messages mostly concerning the girl child through dramas, songs, poets, and dances so that it spices up the campaign makes the messages carried through such performances audible enough to our target audience,” explained Chidaya.

According to the PM, the organization puts in mind the education of a girl child which has been hampered by so many challenges henceforth such shows, where messages are being sent to all so that they realize the full potential of a girl who can also contribute positively to the development of this nation provided given equal opportunities as done by boys.

He said “The government and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) have put in place nice programs for the betterment of a girl’s future. Such programs include these talent show competitions as held today where we are not just to entertain the people but using it as a platform where we discuss ideas of promoting girls education, share issues affecting them such as poverty and encouraging them to refrain from early marriages.”

Chidaya said time is now to take action and not just sitting idle while the girl child is abused.

During the BIAAG Talent show competition, Chayamba Secondary School emerged the winners and went away with K50,000, whereby their runners up Comfort Youth Group pocketed K30,000 while third placed Padukana Youth Club got K20,000.

As a role model and loved by many young people, NesNes born Kelvin Khuzumba, a dancehall artist who impressed the fun seeking Kasungu fans with his thrilling performance took an advantage of the show to advise girls to put their mind on education and focus a far.

“Being an achiever does not mean you should come from a richer family or be a boy. Because you are a girl should not deter you from achieving your goals. Work hard, have faith in God and aim high.

“I have come from a far and reaching at this point, it should serve as a motivation to everybody that everything is possible provided you put your mind on it,” highlighted the Anapanga Chidodo star who is under the record label of Prime Time Media and enjoys a huge following of his music.


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