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Thursday, 14 June 2018 05:59

Exhibitor showcases Climate Change condoms at CBA12 in Lilongwe

Written by  Tikondane Vega
Climate Change Condoms currently being used in Uganda - Pic by Tikondane Vega Climate Change Condoms currently being used in Uganda - Pic by Tikondane Vega

BLANTYRE, June 13, 2018: An Ugandan Pavilion was the centre of attraction on Tuesday at the 2018 International Community Based Adaptation (CBA12) conference currently underway in Lilongwe when the Reproductive Health of Uganda showcased climate change condoms for climate adaptation.

The condoms were introduced two years ago as one of the interventions to fight climate change according to Raymond Ruyoka, Advocacy Officer for Reproductive Health of Uganda.

Ruyoka said since the introduction of the climate change condoms, uptake of condoms has greatly increased from 25 percent to 32 percent in Uganda.

“These condoms are called climate change as they are easily disposed of unlike other condoms and secondly they have dual protection just like any other condom since you cannot catch sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while the woman cannot get impregnated.

“Women and girls are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. By meeting their unmet need for family planning, they can space and have the number of children they want. Thus becoming more resilient and adapt more easily to their new climate context,” said Ruyola.

Under the banner of Population and Sustainable Development Alliance (PSDA) which fights for respect of rights, meeting needs and building resilience, the PSDA has since called on countries that are parties to the Paris Agreement to integrate reproductive health including family planning into national adaptation plans using human rights based approach and provide the funds needed for implementation.

Ruyola said there are over 15 countries that are using climate change condoms for climate adaptation.

He noted: “Family planning should certainly be part of the discussion, since slower population growth has the potential to slow down climate change and make societies more resilient to it and climate condoms which are biodegradable have the answer.

“Population boom has larger effects to climate change as people go for deforestation, encroachment and others in search of their daily coping mechanisms.

Ruyola said Malawi needs to have more climate change interventions as the country’s population is growing fast noting the National Census that is coming is likely to show that the population is more than 18 million.

The three day 2018 International Community Based Adaptation (CBA12) conference began from 11 to 14 June 2018 with focus on getting local experience on climate action. CBA 12 has attracted 270 participants from 45 countries worldwide.

The CBA12 event has been organised by IIED in partnership with the Climate Justice Resilience Fund, GIZ, the Global Resilience Partnership, the International Development Research CentreIrish Aid and Practical Action.


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