21 September 2018
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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 12:35

Blantyre District Council for forest regeneration, water table retention

Written by  Solister Mogha
One of the hills in blantyre where land reosurce management is being encouraged - Pict by Solsiter Mogha One of the hills in blantyre where land reosurce management is being encouraged - Pict by Solsiter Mogha

Blantyre, May 29, 2018: Blantyre District Council has embarked on forest regeneration and water table retention campaign as one way of effective and sustainable management of the environment.

The aim of the campaign is to see more existing indigenous shrubs grow into big and thick forests and help improve the water table through land resources conservation.
Speaking after touring some forest and land resource management sites on Monday, Blantyre District

Council Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Thokozire Ngwira said it was the wish of the council to bring back the forest cover and water resources that the district was well known for.

Ngwira, who led the team from the district, said unlike in the past, many mountains of the district are now bare, a development that has also affected water resources catchment sites.

“Continuous cutting down of trees has affected many sectors and agriculture is the most hit. You can agree with me that the rainfall pattern we have today is not what we used to have some five or ten years ago,” Ngwira said.

“As a council, we would like to bring back the lost glory. We want our mountains to be covered with trees and rivers protected,” she added.

Ngwira said by-laws were being formulated which, if adopted, would help to prevent unnecessary cutting down of trees, saying such an initiative would ensure that the council’s efforts are sustainable.

“We are also encouraging chiefs to be responsible for their forests and also guard against people of ill intentions,” she said.

Commenting on the tour, Ngwira said the council was impressed to see some communities taking a bold step in managing their forests and also participating in land resources management.

This year, Blantyre District Council planned to plant 30,000 trees but according to District Forestry Officer, Geoffrey Kanyerere, the sector’s focus was on forest regeneration.

“Not all the trees we plant survive and this is why we are encouraging natural forest regeneration,” said Kanyerere.

Among other forests where tree regeneration is being promoted in Blantyre include Soche, Michiru and Chigaru.


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