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Friday, 08 August 2014 18:24

Chiradzulu receives K21 million from UNICEF for sanitation

Written by  Enock Chingoni

Chiradzulu, August 8, 2014, Mana: UNICEF has given Chiradzuilu District Council K21 million to improve sanitation in Health Centres, Primary Schools and Community Based Care Centres (CBCCs).

District Water Development Officer for Chiradzulu Alex Musicha disclosed this Friday during district council meeting held at the boma.

Musicha said the funds will among other things be used to rehabilitate 80 boreholes, procure hand washing facilities in CBCCs, Health Centres and Primary schools across the district.

“Part of the funds will also be used to train care givers in CBCCs and Water Pints Committees (WPC) on sanitation and hygiene,’ said Musicha adding that the funds will also enable the council to conduct promotion campaign on sanitation and hygiene in some of the major Trading Centres.  

He hoped that the awareness campaigns will bring behavior change among communities on sanitation and hygiene practice. Statistics at District Health Office (DHO) shows that few people in the district practice hand washing.

The DWO further disclosed Chiradzulu has a total number of 1502 boreholes of which 321are not working.

On this note, he said the funding has come at a right time when the council is struggling to raise funds to rehabilitate the broken down boreholes to ensure that communities have access to safe water.

In his remarks, Chairperson of Chiradzulu District Council Councilor, Franco Kaliya hailed UNICEF for support saying provision of hand washing facilities in schools and CBCCs is a clear demonstration that UNICEF is committed to improve the living standards of children in the district.

“As future leaders, children ought to learn at an environment that does not threaten their health,” said Councilor Kaliya.


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