21 April 2019
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Friday, 25 May 2018 09:00

CICOD unveils multi-million climate change challenge project

Written by  Steve Chirombo
Chikwawa DADO making his opening remarks during CICOD training...Pic by Steve Chirombo Chikwawa DADO making his opening remarks during CICOD training...Pic by Steve Chirombo

Chikwawa, May 25: Effects of climate change in Chikwawa should be history particularly for the people of Traditional Authority Ngowe as Circle for Integrated Community Development (CICOD) has unveiled a three year Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCAM) project.

The revelation was made Thursday at the end of one day training CICOD organized for district stakeholders at Kukhala Motel in Nchalo in the district.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (Mana), CICOD’s Programmes Manager, Edward Thole said the K130, 000, 000 funded project aims to enhance the climate change resilience and capacity of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people affected by climate change related disasters to secure and sustainable livelihoods.

“We called for the meeting to orient partners such as government as well as the communities on top of our staff. We have Traditional Authority Ngowe as our impact area where we will be implementing climate challenge program in the next three years,” he said.

Thole pointed out that, “Basically, the approach is to engage the community to be able to come up with interventions they feel can be implemented especially issues revolving around access to water, food and energy,” he added.

Thole said considering that maize remains the country’s staple food, the project (CCAM) would strive to ensure that there is crop diversification so that people do not only depend on maize but that they also have other crop varieties especially those that could withstand harsh climatic conditions.

He said at the end of the training, it was expected that the two teams of CICOD and government would work together to take the communities through a process of empowerment so that the communities were able to identify the solutions to the climate change challenge they were facing and implementation of such solutions.

Chikwawa District Agriculture Development Officer (DADO), James Chikoya said previously when climate favoured farmers, there was water flowing in the rivers, good vegetation but now most of these have dried up.

He called on people to actively participate in the project so that communities experience a change in their livelihoods.

“Climate change continues to give us headache than benefits. It is a serious issue both at national and household level. Climate change has affected several things in our lives. For example, the way, crops have been fairing in the fields, flow of water in rivers and the vegetation have been affected,” Chikoya explained.

He said it was quite pathetic that due to the effects of climate change, one hectare of land could produce four bags of maize equivalent to 200kgs for the only staple food in the district.

“If we change the usual way of doing our farming and at least prioritize improved crop variety, we may be able to produce between 1200 and 1500kgs on the same size of land. Hybrid kind of crops would produce about 5000kgs but we can have 2000kgs due to the effects of climate change,” the (DADO) pointed out.

The project in Malawi is being funded by the Scottish Government through Trocaire.


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