21 September 2018
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Zomba plantation trees ready for harvest - Manager

Written by  Michael Rashid

ZOMBA, May 03, 2018: The Department of Natural Resources through Zomba Plantation Office has declared that trees in the plantation were ready for harvest and timber sawing starting from May this year.

Speaking during a meeting with Timber Millers Cooperation on Monday, Zomba Plantation Manager, Leonard Kamangadazi disclosed that the trees which were 35years old were now mature for harvest.

“The trees are matured enough for harvest as they are 35 years old now,” Kamangadazi said, adding: “We will soon replant trees to replace those that will be harvested.”

Kamangadazi, however, advised Timber Millers Cooperative to avoid cutting down trees which are closer to Mulunguzi River catchment area to ensure the river continues to supply water to residents of Zomba throughout the year.

Zone Manager for Southern Region Water Board, Maxin Saulosi, however, expressed concern that tree harvesting in the plantation could have some negative impact if done irresponsibly.

Saulosi said irresponsible harvest of the trees and encroachment of Mulunguzi catchment area could lead to siltation of the dam, calling on the forestry department to control the harvest and ensure timely reforestation of the plantation.

On his part, President of Timber Millers Cooperative, Macdonald Mponya assured that the millers were prepared to abide by the plantation’s regulations.

“We are happy because government has allowed us to harvest the trees this season,” Mponya said, pledging that the millers would also protect Mulunguzi River catchment area to ensure sustainable management of the environment of the Zomba plateau.

Apart from the Timber Millers Cooperation other stakeholders who attended the meeting included the Southern Region Water Board, officials from Sun Bird Ku Chawe and the District Forestry Office.

The reserve which supplies soft timber and protects river catchment areas of Mulunguzi and Likangala among others was gazetted in 1913 and covers 59.37 square kilometers.


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