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Saturday, 07 April 2018 16:08

Councils asked to consider issues of energy in development plans

Written by  Sellah Singini
ENERGY: A street in Zomba powered by solar lights - File Photo ENERGY: A street in Zomba powered by solar lights - File Photo

Dedza, April 7, 2018: Department of Energy Affairs has stressed the need for councils to consider putting energy issues as a priority in their development plans.

Speaking in Dedza on Friday during stakeholders meeting, Principal Energy Officer in the Department of Energy Affairs, Conwell Chisale said that when councils are collecting information on the development needs of people at grassroots level they should consider energy issues.

He said that by considering energy issues in the councils development plans would help to address issues Malawians are facing in the energy sector not only in electricity, but also in renewable energy and all other areas.

“It is an obvious thing that energy is an intercooler part of our economy, we have seen challenges that have affected this country in the electricity sector which is a subset of the energy sector, so it is high time that these energy issues begin to be flashed out right from the grassroots,” Chisale pointed out.

He explained that, “With decentralization policy that government is pursuing it is only when the grassroots themselves demand a development project that such a project could attract resources for it to be implemented so if such issues are left out at the grassroots it becomes difficult to garner resources for projects that will aim at meeting problems that are being faced by the rural masses when the rural masses themselves have not said so.”   

The Officer said that through councils if the need for energy interventions would be captured at the community level and it would be easy to get resources for such needs.

District Commissioner for Dedza Ellis Tembo commended the department of energy affairs for provided a forum, where the council should now consider mainstreaming issues of energy in the social economic profile and district development plan.

He said that when developing district plans issues of energy will be considered as well.

Tembo added that government has put Dedza as one of the districts where solar plants will be set to provide energy to the national grid of 70 megawatts.


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