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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 10:38

NCIC plant trees in Thyolo

Written by  Daniel Kasondo


Thyolo, January 23, 2018: In an effort to bring back trees that are lost
during construction projects, National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) on Monday engaged themselves and the communities in tree-planting exercise on Chingazi Hill in Sub Traditional Authority Chidothe in Thyolo District.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (Mana), NCIC Chief Executive Officer, Linda Phiri, said it was her organisation’s obligation to bring back forests by planting more trees annually, considering that construction of different projects involves trees.

"Construction projects contribute to loss of trees through burning of bricks and clearing of land for space for building and roads. We are committed to take part in the tree-planting exercise as long as people continue using trees in construction," said Phiri.

The CEO said was amused in the way people surrounding Chingazi Hill took afforestation of the hill seriously, through their own initiatives.

The hill’s other sides have dense forests as a result of the community interest to cover the hill with trees through planting of new seedlings and caring of already existing young trees.

The chairperson of the committee which looks after trees in Chingazi Hill, Boniface Waliwali, said the afforestation of the hill started in 2006 and since then, the hill has gained it's lost glory.

"As community, we plant trees in this hill annually. We take turns in guarding for the forests and take to task anyone found cutting a tree." He said.

The chairperson said the coming of NCIC for the exercise would encourage them to work even harder and continue planting trees on the hill. Waliwali, however, asked for more support from organisations and well wishers for materials like shovels, wheelbarrows and watering cans for their work. NCIC pledged to consider helping the committee.

The NCIC brought over 2000 seedlings for the tree planting exercise.




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