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Friday, 12 January 2018 12:05

Chief encourages communities to plant trees to avoid accidents

Written by  Solister Mogha
LEADING BY EXAMPLE: First lady Prof.Gertrude Mutharika  plants a tree at MDF College Headquarters in Salima in this MANA file photo by Stanley Makuti LEADING BY EXAMPLE: First lady Prof.Gertrude Mutharika plants a tree at MDF College Headquarters in Salima in this MANA file photo by Stanley Makuti

Blantyre, January 12, 2017: Traditional Authority (TA) Kapeni of Blantyre on Thursday appealed to his subjects to plant trees in their homes to avoid accidents resulting from hailstorm and stormy winds. 

Speaking at Chigumula Forest, where the Weather Chasers, a WhatsApp networking group planted 6,000 trees, the chief said time has come for Malawians to embrace change and respond to the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

Senior Chief Kapeni said unlike in the past, the weather these days was unpredictable and that it was no longer a surprise to have insufficient rains as most grounds were bare.

He pointed out due to the wanton cutting down of trees, it is increasingly becoming difficult for people’s houses to withstand strong winds hence continued reports of severe damages.

“Today it is a grouping of people on social media that has come to plant trees in our forest. May I appeal to each and every one of you present to plant trees in your respective homes,” Senior Chief requested.

He added that, “This exercise does not require resources. All we need is to ask the forest department to provide us with seedlings.”

Apart from protecting houses from being damaged by the stormy winds, the chief said trees were also important for rainfall information as well as restoration of fertility in the fields.

“Trees are sources of herbs and the only way to avoid depletion of these herbs was by planting more trees.

“Mind you some diseases are better treated by herbs and how shall we treat ourselves should we continue depleting the available trees,” TA Kapeni asked, calling for total commitment in the protection of trees and the environment.

Chairperson of the Weather Chasers Group, Prof. Sosten Chiotcha explained that the current generation would be doing injustice to the future generation if more trees are not planted.

He viewed that trees are among the valuable resources that any country requires.

Chairperson express the need to recognize this great importance but as one way of complimenting government’s effort of restoring forest, the group decided to register their support by planting 6,000 trees in Chigumula Forest.

“This is just one of the various planned activities and today, it was a mere symbolic as we intend to plant more trees,” the Prof said.

The Weather Chasers Group apart from WhatsApp uses facebook and other forms of social media.

Currently the group has more than 250 members from different professions.

The group provides 24 hours weather update from all corners of the country.


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