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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 14:41

Nsanje district in need of resources to contain possible disasters

Written by  Martin Chiwanda
A house destroyed due to heavys rains and storms - File Photo A house destroyed due to heavys rains and storms - File Photo

Nsanje, December 13, 2017: Authorities inNsanje District have conceded that there are inadequate resources in the district for effectively carrying out rescue and assessment operations during and after disaster occurrences.

Assistant District Disaster Risk Management Officer, Humphrey Magalasi in an interview said it was crucial for the district to prepare properly for impending disasters He however, said at present the resources were minimal to respond to any possible disasters.

Magalasi said for instance, the district council had two engine boats for search and rescue operations and some assessment equipment provided by the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) and Malawi Red Cross Society.

DoDMA and Malawi Red Cross Society have been supporting the district with equipment for search, rescue operations and assessment.

Magalasi then underscored the need for the district to prepare properly so that the impact of any occurrence of disaster should be mitigated without challenges.

He said despite weather experts’ prediction of normal to below normal rainfall the country will receive, Nsanje District is not spared from shocks even in such circumstances, hence the need for the district to prepare accordingly.

Magalasi, therefore, appealed to well-wishers to support the council with the equipment which could be used once disaster strikes.

The lower shire district was the worst hit in the country’s historic 2015 floods which claimed over 100 lives, rendered 14,000 families destitute and further affected more than 74,000 people in the process.


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