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Chiradzulu forest tree planting budget reduced to half

Written by  Linda Likomwa

Chiradzulu, November 25, 2017: Chiradzulu District Forest Office has expressed concern over the cut of its tree planting budget from K12 million to K6 million, a development which will likely affect 73 Natural Resource Committee in the district.

District Forest Officer (DFO) For Chiradzulu, Yamikani Makwinja told Malawi News Agency (Mana) Friday that this year’s tree planting season would only benefit 20 out of 93 Natural Resource Committee in the district.

“This means that 73 committees would not have a chance to plant trees this year and level of production would dwindle. I raised this point in one of the full council meetings, but nothing has changed,” he said.

Makwinja said he was told that this year his office would not buy seedlings for people to plant trees, but instead they should train the people and provide them with all the necessary requirements so that they should start the process from the nursery to improve the commitment people have on trees to increase its survival.

The DFO said this was a good initiative as people would know how to take care of the trees from the nursery until it is fully grown.

“Looking at the initiative the council was supposed to add more money as we are required to train people and at the same time provide them with the necessary materials for the whole process,” he explained.

Makwinja blamed the setback on the planning section saying that they have allocated more money to roads maintenance, despite being the rainy season when such jobs are not advisable.

Acting District Commissioner (DC) for Chiradzulu, Harris Kachale said it is not only the duty of the council to plant trees, but also different organization that are working in the district.

“We need to engage the partners we have, like World Vision, Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) and others so that they can consider assisting us financially during this tree planting season,” he said.   

Kachale urged people in Chiradzulu and all stakeholders to consider issues of environment as an area that requires addressing.

The money expected to be used for this year’s tree planting seasons is from Local Development Fund (LDF).


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