13 November 2018
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Thursday, 16 November 2017 14:11

DODMA sets aside K1.2 billion for 2017/18 disaster response

Written by  Chilungamo Missi

Blantyre, November 16, 2017: Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) says it is well prepared to assist Malawians in case of any natural disasters that may occur during the rainy season as there are indication that some parts of the country will experience flooding. 

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday in Blantyre, DODMA spokesperson, Chipiliro Khamula said DODMA has set a side K1.2 billion for unforeseen incidents that would occur.

He bemoaned the tendency of some people to dwell in disaster prone areas.

 “We have cases in the Lower Shire where people are residing in disaster prone areas and are failing to heed our calls to move upland and this puts pressure on the limited resources we have meant for disaster victims,” Khamula noted.

He pointed out that currently DODMA is promoting Community Based Early Warning Systems (CBEWS) whereby communities are able to monitor and project impending disasters thereby mitigating the impacts of disasters or completely evading them.

The Spokesperson added that under the Small Grants Scheme Projects with funds from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Chinese Government, DODMA is engaged in the construction of gabion baskets, dikes and excavated tanks or dams in flood prone districts of Mangochi and Chikhwawa.

He explained that the department has collaborated with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in disseminating information on the construction of safer housing using set construction guidelines to local artisans and communities.

DODMA is said to be repositioning and stockpiling relief items such as food, blankets, kitchen utensils and plastic sheets in strategic places which include Lilongwe, Ntcheu and Blantyre Districts.
Khamula disclosed the Department is set for search and rescue with personnel and equipment such as vehicles, boats and helicopters already identified.

DODMA is advising communities dwelling in disaster prone areas to move to the uplands as the best precautionary measure.


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