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Friday, 27 October 2017 05:35

Nkhotakota excited with gas and oil exploration exercise

Written by  Anjoya Mwanza
Mkute: proud the company would open more job opportunities - Pic by Anjoya Mwanza Mkute: proud the company would open more job opportunities - Pic by Anjoya Mwanza

Nkhotakota, October 26, 2017: Members of Kanyenda Area Development Committee (ADC) on Tuesday expressed satisfaction with Hamra Oil Company’s plan to explore oil and gas on the shore of Lake Malawi.

Speaking during ADC meeting at Kanyenda Teacher Development Committee (TDC), Senior Group Village Headman Kalewa who represented Senior Chief Kanyenda expressed satisfaction, saying he could see his area developing due to activities that will be taking place there.

“We had fears that the exploration exercise would destroy environment like fish and trees but now that we hear there will be no environmental destruction, we are happy for the project.

“We only ask Hamra Oil representatives to keep us updated and keep their promise of promoting social responsibility by providing a certain percentage of the money that will be generated to us through the council if at all oil and gas are found during the exercise,” he said.

Chairperson for the ADC, Watson Mkute, said he was proud the company would open more job opportunities for the population in Nkhotakota and whole country as a whole.

He, however, asked Hamra Oil to follow the right procedures when compensating people who will be affected in the process.

“Usually, some companies do not consider the appropriate cost to compensate the communities who relocate or lose their land due to the coming in of a company,” said Mkute.

Malawi Mineral Expert, Grain Malunga, explained that the company would explore gas and oil in Nkhotakota North only because the area has big rivers like Dwangwa, Bua and Dwambazi which deposit more sediments into the lake, thereby giving more likelihood of the presence of minerals that indicate the presence of oil and gas.

He said was happy the ADC understood the whole process, adding that the country should be assured of making more profits if oil and gas are discovered in Lake Malawi.

Malunga dismissed reports that the company was doing on-shore exercise because of wrangles between Malawi and Tanzania over the ownership of part of Lake Malawi.

“We have decided to use on-shore exploration because it is affordable. Lake Malawi goes as deep as 700 metres which can cost us a lot if exploration is done offshore.

“We are assured that Malawi will benefit a lot if oil and gas are found and the economy will tremendously change for the better,” said Malunga.

On the importance of oil drilling when the world is going towards oil-less-driven vehicles technology, the mineral expert said Malawi was on time because it is usually left behind with technology.

“If we find oil and gas in the lake, it will be to our advantage because whatever happens, Malawi will still be using the fuel driven vehicles until some more years to come,” he said.

The exploration exercise begins first week of November 2017.


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