27 April 2018
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Association bemoans deforestation in Machinga

Written by  Evance Chisiano
One of the trucks that was seized carrying firewood One of the trucks that was seized carrying firewood

Machinga, September 5: Nkula Water Users Association (WUA) in Machinga has expressed concern over increased levels of deforestation saying the malpractice has negative implications on the water supply to consumers in the district.

Nkula WUA Acting Manager, Wasili Mantchombe, expressed his concern Monday at Machinga Boma saying there is increased charcoal production and firewood usage in the district.

He noted that is affecting the association’s gravity fed water systems whose water sources are in the depleted forest reserves.

“Water users should expect hard times if deforestation continues in the forest reserves,”  Mantchombe said, bemoaning the current trend where trucks are spotted carrying bags of charcoal and firewood to Zomba City and other areas from Machinga.

There are fears that most water users within Nkula WUA will not have enough water before the first rains.

He said Nkula WUA is connected to 49 communal water taps benefiting 680 households and to 209 private tap connections.  

District Water Officer (DWO) for Machinga, Steve Meja expressed his concern over the high levels of deforestation taking place in the district saying there will be intermittent water supply to consumers under most WUAs in the district.

He said the Nkula WUA situation may apply to Kawinga, Chagwa and Milala WUAs as they  rely on gravity fed water systems from Liwonde Forest Reserve which is being depleted through charcoal production and other human activities.

Machinga Forest Office impounded two 10 tonner trucks carrying firewood believed to have been coming from Chinduzi Hills where Doza Water intake is situated. 

District Forestry Officer (DFO) for Machinga, Harry Chalira described the practice of increased charcoal production in the district as destructive to the environment.


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