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Wednesday, 26 April 2017 14:25

“Keep the City Clean and Green” Campaign to be launched in LL

Written by  Hawa Mzee

Blantyre, April 26, 2017: Lilongwe City Council (LCC) through the office of the Mayor intends to lead the city in the launch of the Keep the City Clean and Green Campaign, an initiative which will incorporate various components that will support the cleanliness of the city.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, Public Relations Officer (PRO) for LCC Tamara Chafunya said currently the council is working on the concept and once finalized the public will be given more details about the campaign.

“A lot of consultations need to be made with various stakeholders including the general public in order for the campaign to be a success,” said Chafunya.

According to the PRO, Lilongwe is growing fast with a population growth of about 1 million people during the day time hence an increase in the demand for services rendered by the council.

Chafunya further said because of the high population, a lot of people move into the city to conduct different business transactions which in turn sees the city having a lot of refuse that needs to be taken care of.

Additionaly, Chafunya said recently the council has been handicapped in areas of having adequate refuse collection equipment such as; refuse collection vehicles, bins skips and compactors.

Chafunya said in order for the council to have the equipment, they need finances.

“To overcome the challenges, the council has also partnered with key stakeholders such as; UNDP, Water Aid and Department of Climate Change where we have managed to lobby for the provision of skips and skip carriers.

“While at the same time sensitization programs for the general public are underway to turn waste into wealth, within our communities where all waste generated is converted into manure and recycled for other use and in turn people can earn a living out of the same,” said the PRO.

Chafunya also said the Council is venturing into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with potential stakeholders in the waste collection and management sector.

She said currently the council is formulating waste management policies which will monitor and guide such companies managing waste in the city to incorporate best practices in waste management issues.

She bemoaned that it is unfortunate to note that reputable companies and some private waste management companies have in some incidences been seen collecting waste and disposing it anywhere they find open space. This practice has also been the same at individual households.

Chafunya then appealed to the general public that keeping the city clean is the responsibility of every individual.

“We all need to be responsible and take ownership and pride of our city. We witness people eating various foods and throwing peels, cans, cartons and plastic papers arrogantly.

“This is not done by pedestrians alone, but we see this happening even by motorists on our city streets,” said Chafunya


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