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Thursday, 21 March 2019 13:13

Nsanje flood victims applaud MRCS for variety of relief support

Written by  Martin Chiwanda
Patricia Gadi giving relief items to an old lady who is one of the floods affected people in Nsanje district Patricia Gadi giving relief items to an old lady who is one of the floods affected people in Nsanje district

Nsanje, March 20, 2019: The Malawi Red Cross Society says it has a crucial role in preventing and alleviating human sufferings as it considers being a fundamental right of all people to both offer and receive humanitarian assistance. 

MRCS Nsanje district coordinator Patricia Gadi said this in an interview Tuesday when his organization was distributing 5.9 million kwacha worth relief items at Bangula ADMARC camp where over 5000 people including Mozambicans affected by floods are being accommodated.

Gadi said MRCS has a fundamental duty to provide relief to all disaster victims and assistance to those most vulnerable hence giving the much needed support towards those affected by the March flooding.

“As Malawi Red Cross Society with funding from Danish Red Cross we thought it wise to assist the people affected by the floods as they are being accommodated in different camps. We decided to at least give something that could be used to keep them going as first responders and we are very sure that it would save some hunger stricken individuals,” said Gadi while advising the floods affected people to share supplies so that every individual can benefit.

The district coordinator further said MRCS recognizes that in helping disaster victims to survive, relief programmes must also look to the future and ensure that people are not left more vulnerable to the future disasters.

Patricia Gadi noted that wherever possible, relief programmes should attempt to build upon the capacities of those being assisted, involve them in the management and implementation of the programme and act with a sense of accountability towards the beneficiaries.

The District Coordinator was quick to advise the flood victims to observe good hygiene practices in order to avoid outbreak of waterborne diseases such as cholera or diarrhea.

She reminded the flood victims that they were at the camp because of the floods in their respective areas and to lose lives due to bad hygiene practices will not be good.

Bangula ADMARC Camp manager Isaac Falakeza highly praised Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) for providing them with variety of support including tents, non food items and food items.

Falakeza noted that Malawi Red Cross Society has managed to provide different support ranging from food items to non food items.

He further explained that people at the camp, people have different needs which need to be treated differently for the improvement of their lives.

“We are very happy that Malawi Red Cross Society has managed to come up with support matching the needs of the people who are here at the camp. For instance, we have been provided with food items, tents, sanitary wear for women just to mention but the few.


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