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Thursday, 28 February 2019 06:24

Blantyre upbeat to plant more trees this season

Written by  Lyton Chunga

Blantyre, February 28, 2019: Department of Forestry has said it is pleased with the pace of tree planting exercise in Blantyre district this season.

Out of 2.6 million trees that was targeted to be planted this year, the district has managed to plant 1,733,230 tree seedlings.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Wednesday in Blantyre, District Forestry Officer (DFO) for Blantyre, Godfrey Kanyerere said his office is upbeat to reach the set target for the district before the end of rainy season.

“We are working with all communities in Blantyre so that we reach the 2.6 million trees that were targeted. I am very happy that we have reached this far and I hope by the end of the rainy season, the remaining trees will be planted,” he said.

Kanyerere bemoaned lack of commitment by the private sector to take part in the tree planting exercise in the district.

“As District Forestry Officer I am not happy with the response from the stakeholders in this exercise. In other districts partners from both private and public institutions have been committed in tree planting exercise,” the DFO explained.

Meanwhile, Amiable Largesse one of the organizations working in the district has through their environment program responded to the call and intends to plant trees at Blantyre Water Board’s catchment area.

National Coordinator for the Board, Schizoo Thomson said tree planting is very important as it helps in conserving the environment.

“We thought it wise to take part in tree planting exercise so that our environment is well reforested. We are planning to plant about 200 trees at Blantyre Water Board Catchment area this coming weekend as one way of improving quality of water,” he said.

The tree planting season was launched in December, 2018 by President Prof. Peter Mutharika.

In this 2018/19 tree planting season about 60 million trees are expected to be planted.


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