23 February 2019
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Monday, 11 February 2019 11:25

Chief Kadewere sounds SOS over state of Chiradzulu Mountain

Written by  Emily Kaliwo

Chiradzulu, February 11, 2019: Senior Chief Kadewere of Chiradzulu has expressed concern over the rapid destruction of natural forests in Chiradzulu Mountain, a development that turns the district’s biggest forest reserve area bare.

Kadewere raised the alarm on Tuesday at his headquarters where the district council organized a meeting with area development committee to introduce them to a new forest restoration program implemented by government to reduce unemployment rate among the youth.

The traditional leader said he feels sorry when his subjects blame district forestry officers as failures when the problem is fueled by the communities themselves through their recklessness.

“It always beats me when people accuse forestry officers of not doing enough to protect our forests yet it’s the community who witness people producing charcoal at the top of the mountain when the officers are at the foot of the mountain,” Chief Kadewere said. 

However, Kadewere encouraged forestry officers to be proactive instead of just waiting to confiscate vehicles carrying charcoal from some areas when passing through the district while their forests were being depleted.

Kadewere, therefore, said it would be better if forestry guards were patrolling forest reserves like it was the case in the past so that forests could be protected.

Chiradzulu Assistant District Forestry Officer, Bester Moyo said his office was aware that people were cutting down trees for charcoal production in the mountain, noting that it becomes difficult to apprehend them because communities were not cooperative.

Moyo, however, said forestry officers on their own could not manage to protect the mountain, saying there was need to formulate strong village natural resources management committees around the mountain to work closely with forestry officers in protecting forests.

He, therefore, refuted reports that the sector had allowed the community to cut down all natural trees in the mountain with the intention to plant pine tree seedlings.


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