23 February 2019
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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 05:49

Increased poaching in protected areas worries authorities

Written by  Carren Mumba

Rumphi, February 05, 2019: Department of National Parks and Wildlife has expressed concern over increasing levels of poaching in the protected areas of Nyika National Park and Vwaza Wildlife Reserve.

The authorities say the situation has negatively affected generation of revenue in the two areas.

Speaking Monday during a stakeholders meeting which was organised by Nyika Vwaza Association, Parks and Wildlife Officer at Nyika National Park, Andrew Kataya said poaching had affected revenue generation in the two protected areas.

According to Kataya, poaching has become so alarming that animals are declining in numbers, thereby bearing a negative impact on the country’s tourism industry.

“The numbers of animals in these areas have kept decreasing and some species are on the verge of extinction like elephants.

“Most of our tourists fail to see the desired animal species because we have killed them all and they opt to visit other countries such as Zambia and government loses revenue to other countries in the process,” Kataya explained.

Speaking during the meeting, Rumphi First Grade Magistrate, Cuthbert Phiri warned consumers of bush meat, saying they are the ones behind the promotion of poaching as they create market for the poachers.

Phiri said the law will not spare anyone involved in wildlife crimes, both poachers and consumers of bush meet.

“Poaching is increasing because we have created markets for bush meat, but let me take this opportunity to warn everybody who is involved in promoting poaching in form of buying bush meat that the law will take its course regardless of  your status,”  warned Phiri.


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