17 August 2019
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Heavy rains cause havoc in Mchinji over 600 households affected

Written by  Aaron Banda
Mchinji rains picture Mchinji rains picture

Mchinji, January 08, 2019,  Heavy rains over the weekend destroyed crops, houses and schools and other infrastructure in the areas of Traditional Authorities (T/As) Nyoka and Mduwa respectively in Mchinji district over the weekend.

The down pour has affected over 500 households in the villages of Mtengula, Mkunda, Kangwere, Mzanga, Kamfiti, Nyoka, Kachinga, Kanthema, Gwede, Kaluza, Anoki, Jekapu, Ndwandwa and Langa.

Speaking in an interview with Mana, Group Village Headman Nyoka said the floods have also washed away bridges, making the worst disaster the area has experienced in years.

“Affected villagers are desperate and they don’t know what to do. School going children have also been affected as learning materials got damaged,” he said.

Councilor for the affected areas, (Msachembe Ward), Denis Lazaro told Mana that there is a need of urgent support from government and other well-wishers as the affected households are displaced and distressed.

“After I received the message from well-wishers, I rushed to appreciate with my own eyes and indeed something has to be done. We are compiling a report to be sent to the disaster management officer at the district council,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mchinji District Council through Disaster Management Office on Monday released a disaster assessment report for Traditional Authorities Mavwere, Simphasi and Dambe being some of the areas hardly hit by the heavy rains in the district.

The report indicates that 691 households in 82 villages from the three T/As have also been greatly affected during the festive season where heavy rains destroyed houses and a lot of people have been displaced and most of them lost their household items such as food.

Mchinji District Disaster Management Desk Officer, Chisomo Kuchepa said the report will be sent to the office of the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA).

He said there is need for fast response as a lot of households’ food items were destroyed and that other people have nowhere to stay.

“We therefore propose that these households be provided with relief food, kitchen utensils and plastic sheets for temporally shelter as they are recovering,” he said.


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