21 August 2019
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Sunday, 02 December 2018 12:59

Government responds to Mangochi stormy rain disaster

Written by  Kondwani Magombo
Dausi comforts a victim of stormy rains - Pic by Kondwani Magombo Dausi comforts a victim of stormy rains - Pic by Kondwani Magombo

Mangochi, December 02, 2018: Government has provided material support to 269 households which were affected by the stormy rains that devastated some parts of Mangochi between November 23 and 25.

Minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi presided over the symbolic presentation of material support on Friday at Senior Chief Mponda Headquarters in Mangochi where, among other things, six of the affected households received a bag of maize flour, plastic sheet rolls and assorted kitchen utensils.

Dausi said government would take care of all the people affected by disaster in the district and across the country and also those who were affected by dry spell during the last growing season.

“I would like to ask the district council to list down all the names of people who need support due to the drought that affected crop production in some parts of the district last year so that we reach out to them with food,” said Dausi.

Dausi also appealed to well wishers to complement government’s efforts by supporting the people who were in need of help, saying it was everybody’s responsibility to come to the rescue of those less privileged.

He appealed to all people living in  known disaster prone areas to move out to upland to avoid loss of life and property as it has been the case in previous years.

Earlier in the day, the minister visited and cheered 78-year-old woman of Ngoyi Village in the area of Senior Chief Mponda in the district whose house’s roof was blown off on the night of November 25 while she and her four grand children were fast asleep.

The woman, Patuma Dili, told Dausi that on the fateful night, one wall of her house collapsed on her and injured her legs and ribs while the roof of her house was completely blown away.

“Fortunately, none of my four grand children were injured,” she said.

Traditional Authority Mponda alone has 58 households affected by the disaster while T/A Makanjira has recorded the highest number of affected households, according to Mangochi District Council District Commissioner, Rev. Moses Chimphepo.

“In T/A Makanjira 99 households have been affected by the stormy rains while in T/A Chilipa 51 households were affected, Chowe has 43 households and Katuli 18 households were also left destitute,” Chimphepo said.

Chimphepo added that several primary schools including Mbonechera, Matope, Sangadzi and Matukuta also had roofs of some of their classroom blocks blown off by the stormy rains of November 23 and 25 respectively.


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