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Friday, 19 October 2018 13:58

Majete Malaria Project hails radio listening clubs

Written by  Steve Chirombo
Anti malaria programma in Majete Wildlife Reserve Anti malaria programma in Majete Wildlife Reserve

Chikwawa, October 19, 2018: Majete Malaria Project in Chikwawa District has hailed the way some radio listening clubs are striving to reduce the impact of malaria in their areas.

The project's Field Supervisor, Asante Kadama made the remarks on Wednesday when Officials from Chikwawa District Council, Story Workshop, Development Communications Trust (DCT), and ONSE visited the radio listening clubs to appreciate their progress under Traditional Authority Ngowe in the district.

Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) in conjunction with government and other partners such as Health Communication for Life (HC4L) with support from United States International Development Agency (USAID), established radio listening clubs in 2016 to ensure among other things they enforce the fight against malaria.

The radio listening clubs ensure such programs are recorded and aired in various radio stations so that with behavioural change communication interventions, communities win the fight against malaria.

"What we witnessed today is a good initiative. It is through these clubs that communities around here would possibly change their behaviours in the fight against malaria," said Kadama.

She added that there was need, however, for officials managing the program to seriously consider providing necessary support to the clubs.

"We need to ensure that people have access to relevant information and for that to be done, it is through such initiatives," she said.

On his part, one of the club members from Khungubwe area, Chakhumata Yokoniya, said interventions from the clubs helped to reduce incidences of Malaria in their respective areas.

"Not only do we consider program recording a priority, but we also do community sensitizations where we send out messages about malaria. We can say the fight is good and we are winning it," he said.

He, however, said mobility challenges affected them to the extent that they were unable to catch up with most programs in areas that are distant.

YONECO Chikwawa District Project Officer, Patrick Makonde, expressed satisfaction with the way the radio listening clubs were disseminating malaria messages.

Makonde said his office was aware of the transport challenges listening clubs were facing and hoped something positive would come.


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