13 November 2018
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Friday, 10 November 2017 13:48

Rainy season confirmed in the south

Written by  Rodney Majawa

Blantyre, November 10, 2017, Mana:  The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (MET) has confirmed that the 2017/18 rainy season has commenced in the South based on the ‘behaviours of the clouds’.

The revelation was made available to Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Friday during an interaction with MET Principal Agriculture Meteorologist, Adams Chavula, who said it was the time for farmers to work closely with the agriculture experts.

“Let me assure you that all clear indications are here, especially in the South that the 2017/18 rain season has finally commenced and make no mistake about it,” said Chavula.

Chavula advised farmers to work so closely with the Extension Planning Areas (EPAs) officials.

“I urge farmers to regularly consult these EPAs because they are the appropriate technocrats who among other things, dig the soil, and if they notice that the moisture content has reached between 15 and 20 centimetres deep, then instantly planting must be done, as this is the ideal moisture capacity for planting purposes with the first rains,” Chavula said.

He said staggering planting dates are sometimes known as ‘spreading the risks,’ implying that not much wastage or damage may occur in the event of dry spell or prolonged drought, which is not the case if the entire piece of land is planted at one goal.

According to meteorologist, it is crucial for farmers to practice water harvesting which other peasants and even commercial farmers usually shun.

“Box-ridging, besides sufficient application of organic fertilizers into the soil, is one of the outstanding strategies in which rain water can be best harvested. As such, it’s quite imperative to adhere to the aforementioned tips and good cultural practices during every growing season,” said Chavula.




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