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Total Land Care puts MK 40 million for adult literacy classes

Written by  Watson Maingo

Salima, September 12:  Total Land Care (TLC) says has set aside funds amounting to MK 40 million to support adult literacy classes for beneficiaries of climate change adaptation interventions in three districts of Salima, Nkhotakota and Ntchisi.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency  (Mana) on Friday in Salima at a certificate awarding ceremony for 71 small holder farmers who have finished their adult learning classes TLC zone Manager Richard Museka said TLC has put adult learning as part of its programs after noting that illiteracy was hindering uptake of knowledge and skills of modern farming technologies.

“We are implementing a five-year programme called Management for Adaptation to Climate Change (MACC 2) with support from Royal Norwegian Embassy. The programme will factor in trainings for the farmers on various climate Smart Agriculture technologies as we observed that they lack techniques due to illiteracy,” said Museka.

 “The adult literacy component has been put in place in the three districts where we have observed that illiteracy levels were high among our target beneficiaries of our usual programmes,” said Museka.

Museka said that since the adult classes started TLC has observed a significant change in the uptake of knowledge and application of the skills.

“So far the demand for the classes is growing every day and we feel we under budgeted the activity. Of course the demand is high among women while men still shy away” he said.

He stressed that apart from improving uptake and usage of the knowledge and skills adult classes will help to reduce cheating of farmers by traders.

In another interview one of the graduates, 43 year-old Fellini Kavala commended TLC for introducing the classes. She said that she is applying the reading, writing and calculating skills she has acquired from the classes in her farming activities.

“Previous TLC only trained us how to do profitable farming in the face of Climate Change, but I was unable to make any profit because I was not able to understand some of the things and even when I went to sell my produce I was easily cheated by the buyers, but now no-one can cheat me any longer I am able to read the weighing scale,” said Kavala.

According to TLC field Coordinator Vincent Kamwanga classes are conducted and coordinated by officials from the Department of Community Development in the Ministry of Gender.

Kamwanga said TLC provides the financial support including teaching and learning materials.


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