24 April 2019
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Friday, 15 March 2019 06:49

Karonga to experience hunger due to prolonged dry spell

Written by  Sithembile Mhone

Karonga, March 15, 2019: Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga has expressed worry over prolonged dry spell which has hit most parts of the district raising fears that the district may experience reduced crop production.

Speaking in an interview, Monday, Kyungu said the dry spell has affected crops mainly maize and the crop has already started wilting at tasseling stage which he said is the critical stage for maize production.

He then appealed to government to put in place interventions to ensure that people in the district are provided with relief food as it is eminent that most households will be food insure even after harvesting.

“People will have little or no food and we ask government to start planning for relief food distribution to avert the impact of the outcome of the dry spell,” said Kyungu.

In his remarks, District Agriculture Development Officer for Karonga, Raphael Mkisi said the district experiences prolonged dry spell yearly and advised farmers   to be growing crops that are draught tolerant like bananas and sorghum.

“I would also like to encourage farmers in the district to be practicing conservation farming as this farming technology conserves moisture on which crops can survive during dry spells. They should also be planting early maturing crop varieties to cope with such situations,” said Mkisi.


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