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Saturday, 23 December 2017 19:36

MANEB changes examinations format

Written by  Memory Kutengule
Secondary School students like these will sit for exams under new regulations - File Photo Secondary School students like these will sit for exams under new regulations - File Photo

Blantyre, December 23, 2017: Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) has announced that there will be some changes in the 2019 Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE) format in light of the newly introduced secondary school curriculum. 

Briefing the media on Friday in Blantyre, MANEB Chief Executive Officer, Gerald Chiunda, said the changes have also come as an immediate response to the scrapping off of Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) coupled with the introduction of new subjects in line with the new curriculum.

“The 2019 examinations will take care of both junior and senior secondary content in a balanced manner, as the success criteria demands. Concepts that end at junior secondary level will be reflected in the questions for that level and those that develop up to the senior secondary level will also be reflected as they appear in Form 4,” said Chiunda.

The CEO added: “To give prospective candidates a clear picture of the 2019 examination papers’ format, MANEB has already produced sample papers which will be circulated in schools in January 2018.”  

Chiunda said MANEB would administer examinations for the 24 subjects that are on the new curriculum which include Chemistry, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Physics and Social Studies except for Physical Education, which is not examinable.

However, Chiunda pointed out that the board will introduce handling and procurement of materials and items for all 2018 practical examinations subjects.

“MANEB will send a list of all materials, chemicals and items required for the practical examinations to all schools and will advise schools to procure enough of such requirements for all candidates,” he emphasized.

“Subject teachers will collect confidential instructions from their examinations distribution centres a day before the examination and make the necessary preparations.

“Schools that will buy examination materials the day before the examinations will be disqualified,” Chiunda warned.


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