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Monday, 11 December 2017 06:12

Girls in Nkhata Bay open up through complaint boxes

Written by  Hannifah Mtuwakale

Nkhata Bay, December 11, 2017:  Girls in Nkhata Bay have taken advantage of complaint boxes which Action Aid Malawi placed in all schools to voice out issues which make them drop out of school.

Speaking recently in during a Safe School Quarterly Review meeting Saturday, Action Aid Project Coordinator for Nkhata Bay, Thomas Moyo said girls through the boxes have revealed different forms of violence which affect them to remain in school.

He noted that the information collected from the complaint boxes has established that 80 per cent of girls drop out of school due to violence and insults inflicted on them by both their guardians and fellow learners.

 “This shows that much needs to done at household and school levels if such challenges are to be curbed,” Moyo observed.

The Project Coordinator explained the collected information would be shared to relevant stakeholders to ensure that the girl’s concerns are addressed.

He said that some complaints need immediate redress by relevant stake holders such as police and school management committees.

“Complaints on such issues need not to be dropped in the complaint boxes as the boxes are opened every fortnight and this may delay timely implementation of corrective measures,” Moyo pointed out.

He said his organization is committed towards supporting any initiative which can assist in bringing back to school girls who dropped from schools due to different factors such as forced marriages among others.


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