13 December 2017
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Monday, 04 December 2017 15:28

Luchenza community builds K7.5 million school block

Written by  Daniel Kasondo
School block built by the community in Luchenza School block built by the community in Luchenza

Thyolo, December 04, 2017: In a rare spirit of unity, teachers and parents association and the community in Luchenza have built a K7.5 million school block at Luchenza Community Day Secondary School, which was launched on Friday in Thyolo District.

Thomas Mkandawire, Principal Inspector of schools in Shire Highlands Education Division, applauded the community for taking an initiative to start the school block project, which he said would reduce congestion in classes.

Mkandawire said when government cannot do everything because of financial constraints, the community should play their role in development of schools to promote education standards.

"Luchenza community should be commended for building the school block. This is a very rare gesture by the community," said Mkandawire.

He said other communities should emulate the gesture demonstrated by Luchenza community and the teachers and parents association at the Luchenza CDSS.

Speaking at the function, Mayor for Luchenza Municipality, Brighton Baluwa, thanked the community for uplifting the face of the school, which he said was commendable as the municipality could not do everything.

"We can develop our municipality if we work as this community and the association have done," said the Mayor.

He said as a council, it would try to mobilise financial support to look into some of the areas that the school has shortfalls on.

Luchenza CDSS built the school block with contributions from parents whose children are at the school, where each contributed about K3000.


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